Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

So this time last weekend I was firmly on the side of Julie when she posted her post entitled "T.G.T.M." I had had a rough weekend with The Boy and was most definitely looking forward to dropping him off at school on Monday morning. This week? Not so much. We had such a lovely weekend. Maybe it's because I know a new baby will (hopefully) be joining our lives soon, or maybe it's because he is growing into such an amazing little boy, but this weekend I sincerely enjoyed every single minute with my little dude. He was fantastic the entire weekend. I don't think he cried once. (Which was a nice change because during the week? Not so much).

On Friday we both had a haircut day. He got his cut and then I had my hair done. Of course his haircut takes all of 8 minutes (seriously...she RULES!!!) and mine takes about 3 hours. But during my three hours he got to go to Gigi's house and play and take a nap. He loves to nap at her house because she has black out shades in his room and it is like a little hovel in there. He sleeps great. Then Friday night we babysat his cousin. My mom and step dad came over and we ordered a pizza. I was feeling pretty lousy from my cold (thanks, Boy!) so they came over to help. Could not have gone more smoothly. The two kids played together great, ate pizza together, and then promptly went to sleep. My niece was asleep by 7:30 after not making a PEEP. She quietly smiled, shut her eyes, and fell asleep in The Boy's playroom. She was good as gold. The Boy followed suit about an hour later. And since I had given a spare key to my brother and his wife, I too went to bed. I fell asleep by about 9:30pm. My brother and his wife came and got my niece at around 11:30 (slept right through it) and headed out. What could have been a chaotic night was just lovely and everyone got good rest.

Saturday he was supposed to go with his Mom to a birthday party. But both the birthday girl, and his Mom got a nasty case of the flu. I had scheduled a pedicure with a friend (assuming that The Boy would be at the party) that I was bummed I would have to cancel. But not so! My mother (gotta love her) came and had lunch with us, and then took The Boy. He went and did errands with her (They went to Depot! He told me all about it. Several times, he was so excited). Then he slept in the hovel again, thus ensuring an amazing nap. I got to have my toes done with my BFF and catch up on gossip. Then instead of going home and working, which is what I should have done, I took advantage of an afternoon without The Boy and headed to Costco for some shopping. I was craving king crab legs and they have them there. But I found oh-so-much more! They had a bunch of gifts out for Christmas already. I pretty much did all of The Boy's Christmas shopping. And birthday shopping too! (His birthday is 10 days after Christmas). I only spent a little over $100 and I got him like 10 gifts! How happy was I? I very rarely shop without him with me, so this was a great chance! I was so happy.

Then the gay boyfriends came over that night for king crab leg dinner. Of course I made them cook it all, but it was fantastic! The Boy was so cute with B (one of the GBF). They sat in front of the fire and "had dinks." The Boy with his special apple juice (he usually doesn't get juice), and B with his wine. They had water crackers with sun dried tomato cheese spread on top and about every 5 minutes The Boy would yell, "Cheers!" and clink glasses with him. It was too cute. Of course the fun coupled with the monster nap at his Gigi's earlier ensured that he didn't fall asleep until almost 10:00pm. Although he was in bed shortly after 8:00 and just sat in there and talked and played and was good as gold. I went in around 9:45pm when he was calling my name. "Why aren't you asleep?" I asked.

"I not tired," he answered.

Then, "Mommy...I show you something?"

"What do you need to show me?"

"Pick a me up, pick up."

"No, I am not falling for that..."

"Okay..." I picked him up but made sure he was still in his crib. I didn't walk anywhere with him. "What do you need to show me?"

Squeezes my neck and says, "Biggest hug." "And kiss too." And then he gives me a kiss. Then he says, "Ok. Tat's all. I go nigh nigh."

I put him back in his crib and he layed down and shut his eyes. He was asleep in less than 10 minutes. I swear to God I could eat this kid up. So fucking sweet he kills me. Even if it is 10:00 at night.

Sunday was more of the same but I won't bore you with it. We just had a fabulous weekend together, me and my boy. We got everything done that needed to be done and just really enjoyed hanging out together. I actually considered calling in sick to work today to spend more time with him (in my defense, I still do have a pretty nasty it wouldn't completely be a lie...). But I didn't. I dropped him off at school and came to work. But I am still smiling.


AuntFancy said...

That's awesome, glad you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! He is so great (and so are you)!