Sunday, November 2, 2008


Work is unbelievably busy right now and my son was gracious enough to share with me the cold he enjoyed last week. So blogging isn't really on the agenda today. BUT! Halloween cuteness! Must be shared! Also, I know that blogger uploads photos in the opposite order in which I click on them, but last night when I uploaded the pics to finish the post today, I was also tired. So here they are, in the wrong order! First, my little dude after finishing Trick or Treating. He can hardly believe that all of that stuff is his. He is so happy!
Second, earlier in the evening as we were cruising around the neighborhood, he kept stopping to check in on his loot bag and make sure the contents were still what they were supposed to be: CANDY! And lots of it! This was really the first year that he understood Halloween. He kept running from house to house (even the houses that the girls were too scared to go up to) and would yell, "TRICK OR TREAT!" And then picture me, behind him yelling, "Only take ONE, Boy, just ONE candy!" With which he would finish up with, "Tank you. Happy Hallween!" Then he would run down to me and say, "Nother house Mommy? Just one more?" Many, many more houses my boy. Until your little legs can no longer run in your boots...
And finally, here is a shot of him before the madness started (I told you all, backwards order of pics). This was actually Thursday morning. He got to wear his costume to speech therapy that day and to school. He was a happy fireman indeed!
And yeah, I couldn't get him to put the damn green thing down for the pictures. Just pretend it is some kind of Halloween monster, k? Now, back to those 4 different clients I have to manage in today before I get home to meet the child, make dinner and collapse into bed..


AuntFancy said...

He's soooo damn cute! I think I need to come over there for Halloween next year, if you'll have me of course.

Billy said...

Oh, he's soooooo cute!
And hope you both are feeling better!