Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweetest End

Sometimes the roughest days can end up so sweet you feel like your heart could burst.  My son gave that to me tonight.  I had a rough day.  Not horrible like something tragic happened, but at every turn, it was challenging.  The boy woke up at 5:45 and was just out of sorts all morning long.  He didn't want to wear pants.  Or socks.  Or shoes.  And for some reason the Thomas that was on the TV simply wasn't the right one or something.  Even playing with the treasured train table wasn't enough.  When I told him it was time to go he asked if we were going to Gigi's house.  I told him that we were going to see S (speech therapy).  He screamed that he didn't want to.  That has never happened.  He loves her and therapy.  Then as we were finally walking to the car, 5 minutes late mind you, announced that he DIDN'T have a poop.  I asked again and he most definitely did NOT have a poop.  I gave a general whiff in his direction and loaded him in the car cause it was too late to do anything about it anyway.  So we were 5 minutes late (I know EXACTLY how long it takes to get there and plan appropriately) and as soon as we walked in the boy asked to play trains.  S told him no, that we were going to do some other toys and he yelled at her.  Then she sweetly looked over to me and inquired as to if perhaps he might have a poopie diaper.  Crap.  "Yes, yes I am sure that he does."  Sigh.  Walk out to car, retrieve wipes and diaper, return to change the boy, wash hands and head back into room.  Oh look!  We only have 10 minutes of therapy left.  Yeah, that was worth it.  And he wasn't so much into cooperating anyway.  He was being pissy.

My day at work was challenging.  Have I used that word yet?  It included some very needy real estate agents, some cranky tenants and one print server that decided to try and make me take my own life.  By the time I left there I was practically in tears.  My next client, a winery, helped to put me in a better mood but by the time I got home I was exhausted.  Did I mention the Ex went to Mexico today?  For a little vacay?  Nice, right?  I am home with a boy that asks where his Mom is everyday and she's off in Mexico.  Okay rant over...

On to the sweet part (you thought I had lost that in all this bitterness didn't you?).  Once my mom went home it was just me and the boy.  I sat with him in the playroom because we are trying to get him to feel comfortable in there (see previous post) and we just played and played.  He crawled all over me and gave me random hugs and kisses while he did.  Just happy and sweet.  Happily put on jammies and went out to "pay tains" and watch fish.  He had a glass of milk (pediasure), brushed his teeth and then got into his crib.  But not after he gave me several different hugs.  A baby hug, a Mommy hug, and a BIG BIG hug.  Then I settled him in, gave him Lambie and covered him with his blanket.  I asked him if he was good and he said yes.  Then he looked up at me and said, "Duv do Mommy."  And I told him I loved him too and kissed him on the forehead.  Rubbed his cheek and he smiled at me and rolled over and closed his eyes.  And I walked out of his room and felt like the luckiest person on earth.

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