Monday, June 30, 2008

Gordon's Coal

I am officially a sucker.  My kid just completely worked me, and yet I allowed it with a smile.  It is 8:34pm right now which is a half an hour past his bedtime.  I have a video monitor of his room so I can see that he is laying on his side playing with his "Gordon" (of Tho.mas the Trai.n fame) and "Gordon's coal" that I just brought to him at his demand.

Flashback to earlier; he was having a rough night.  For whatever reason NOTHING was making him happy tonight.  Didn't want anything for dinner, didn't want to read a book, didn't want to play with his trains (!!!), just out of sorts.  So when we went to bed finally and he layed down on his new Tho.mas sheets and got under his Tho.mas blanket and looked up at me and asked, "Goron pees?"  It seemed like such a simple little request for my train lover that I thought it harmless and brought him Gordon.  He took it and smiled and then said, "Goron coal?"  He is a very good procrastinator obviously.  But I also inwardly smile because it is quite smart of him to pick that request knowing that I will be impressed with his genius knowledge of the fact that Gordon can't run without his coal.  And he will implore upon my virgo brain for all that is right in the world...  Alas I did not.  I smiled at him and told him that one train was enough for bed and that I loved him and would see him in the morning.

Fast forward to 8:32ish.  I hear him calling Mommy out on the monitor so I go in and he is sitting up in his crib and says "Pees Mommy, Goron coal."  And then he pointed to Gordon and made an indication that the train seemed to be stuck.  "Uck!  Uck!  Eed coal."  Are you kidding me right now?  He is acting out a little drama in his crib to show me that Gordon...cannot...possibly...go...any...further...without...coal..."  All to get another train to play with in his crib.  At 8:30 at night.

But I gave him an A for effort and brought him the coal.  He put the two together and layed down right next to them and drove them around in a little circle.  All is content in his world.  

[I just got up to look at the monitor so that I could type, "And in the time it took me to write this blog post, he is now peacefully sleeping..."  But that's not so much the case.  Sitting straight up backwards in his crib making little choo choo noises and happily singing.  But definitely not sleeping!]

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Catbert said...

Love that Chubbs!!!
Choo Choo!!!!