Thursday, June 26, 2008

Makes Me Smile

You know, when I was going through all of my infertility treatments and I dreamed to one day have a baby of my own, I thought about the little stuff.  I wanted to wander around my house and find small things that belonged to another little human.  I dreamt of the casual stuff.  And sometimes, when I am sitting here alone on a Thursday evening, I notice the small stuff.  And it is enough to make me smile.  And I glance down at my video monitor of my child, still chatting at 9:31pm at night, and I smile.  Not upset, mind you, just peacefully chatting himself to sleep.  Like a little angel.  And then I glance over from where I am sitting and I see one of those casual signs.  One of those things that just makes you smile.  And tonight, it is enough.

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