Monday, March 14, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

I have sang "You Are My Sunshine" to both of my kids every night since they were born as they are getting ready for bed. It's just one of our rituals.

Tonight, while beginning the night time ritual of The Girl, we were changing her diaper when she spied one of her babies and decided she wanted to change baby's diappy as well. So from that point on, everything we did, we did the baby too. We changed diaper, we read a book, we brushed the teeth, and then we got into the crib. The Girl wanted the baby right next to her; its head on her pillow. We covered baby with a special blanket and then The Girl put her head down next to baby on her pillow and I started singing sunshine... She sat up, and made sure her baby was covered and then told me to start again. This time she put her head down and she sang along with me. While my hand rubbed up and down her back (as it does every night), The Girl's hand ran up and down her baby's I sang the words, she sang the words right along with me...only to her baby. For the entire two verses of the song. After the song ended, I kissed my hand and touched her forehead, I did it again and touched one cheek...I did it again for the other...and I smiled because she kissed her hand and touched her baby's head, three times...and smiled at me. I told her I loved her and I would see her tomorrow. Sleep tight. As I was closing the door I heard, "Yuv you....seep good...see you a-morrow..." And my heart nearly melted.

My baby was baby-ing her baby....just like I baby her... It was perhaps top three sweetest moments of motherhood thus far.

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