Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Knock on Wood...

I hesitate to post this...

But I think...*I think,* that my computer may finally be fixed. It has been a LONG time since I pulled my iPhone out of my iMac in the middle of a sync which ended me up at the Apple store with a mac genius, who pointed out that my memory was about gone and I better start backing things up and figure out how to move forward... Then, of course, I screwed things up even further trying to back things up. It has been a REALLY long haul to get here.

But my fancy, newly rebuilt, with TONS of space (2 terabytes and 4 sticks of RAM for those who understand such things) computer seems to finally be back. And WITH all of my previous data. Of course that was the tricky part. It took another trip to the genius tonight (who had to do something with authorization as my computer wouldn't allow me to have any of the stuff I had purchased on iTunes...) but as of right now, all of my devices are syncing and backed up and mostly everything is here. I lost one month of my pictures but in the long run, that really isn't bad for what could have happened.

So here's hoping the posts will pick up again. Certainly the pictures will...I know you are all missing seeing my kids all the time... :) Of course I am reading everyone because I can do that on ANY computer. But I feel like hopefully this is a new beginning. In more ways than one. 2011 has been a tough year so far for my household. Between the work hell, and then the SICK hell, and then computer hell...well it's been a ride. So here's to March, and spring and new beginnings and all that kind of crap. :)

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