Monday, December 13, 2010


I've been neglecting my blog lately; it's true. But I have also been neglecting my health which is why my throat is so raw that I can't even begin to swallow and I have no voice to speak of, or to speak with for that matter. I have also been neglecting my sleep, my laundry, my house work and probably some of my good friends.

But here is what I have NOT been neglecting. First of all my kids. On Friday I sent my daughter to daycare even though she doesn't usually go on Fridays (okay so maybe I neglected HER a little bit...) so that I could have an entire one-on-one day with my son. We went to Petroglyph to make Christmas presents, had a little lunch, went and saw Tangled at the movies and then ended the day back at his school for his performance of the Holiday Program where he sang 5 songs like a champ. It was an amazing day and I am SO glad I carved out some time just for him.

I have not been missing these holiday moments with either of my kids. As you saw in my Friday "this moment" post, my daughter is unbelievably cute in her little Santa hat as she runs around the house singing Jingle Bells. She stops by our Christmas tree every single time she passes it and tells me, "Oooohhh! So pretty!" which is quickly followed by, "Don't TOUCH! We don't touch the ornaments..." as she gives me a sideways grin and proceeds to touch every single ornament that she can reach. BUT! She isn't pulling them off so that's something. I have said before and I'll say it again, I think this might be the greatest year ever for my son and the holidays. It is just so...magical for him. I want to bottle this time and save it for when he's a sullen teenager telling me, "just give me my gifts!" When we went driving the other night and looked at lights he said to me, "Mommy these lights are a special rainbow made just for my eyes!" I know, right? Kills me...

I have not been neglecting my so-unbelievably-busy work schedule and I can't get over how much work there really is to be done. I am not sure I will ever get back on top of it all but I am doing my damnest to try and get myself out from under the pile. And so far nothing tragic has happened... (knock on wood...knock on wood...)

AND! I am almost done Christmas shopping. I still have the damn stockings to deal with but all the big gifts have been done and ordered and most have arrived. PLUS! Super bonus. I actually got my Christmas cards (photo picture cards plus a letter) written, addressed, stamped and mailed out this morning. And believe me, that was no easy task as I send out over 60 cards and hand addressed them all.

So as you see...tis the season for lots of things. It just doesn't appear to be the season for updating my blog. Which is unfortunate really because there are some pretty damn cute and priceless moments going on in my world right now and I would love it if I had the super human strength needed to document it all here so I can look back later and swoon. I said, the Christmas cards got mailed. So that's something.

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