Monday, February 1, 2010

Blogging from Hawaii, Day 5

Perfect vacation day for a 4 year old:

7:15am: Wake for day. Snuggle in bed with Mommy, sister and Gigi.

9:00am: Go down to beach with Gigi and play in sand.

10:45am: Walk approximately 100 yards from beach to play in playground overlooking beach. Make a new little friend and pretend he is Batman and you are Spiderman.

11:30am: Come back up to room, make lunch, collect Mommy and sister and head down to the pool.

12:00pm: Eat lunch at the pool and then play in the pool until you are so tired and cold that you are shivering. (Note: The Boy is getting SO brave. He even wore swimmy's today and floated around...this is HUGE for him!!!)

3:00pm: Come back up to the room and take nice, warm bath and have a snack.

4:00pm: Snuggle in for an afternoon nap.

5:30pm: Wake from nap and put on fancy little Hawaiian shirt and have another little snack while the "adults" have a cocktail.

6:15pm: Dinner listening to a band by the beach. Do a little dancing.

7:30pm: Walk to Honolulu Cookie Company for a little after-dinner snack.

8:15pm: While Mommy heads back up to the room to put sister to bed, you get to stay down by the beach (now back at our hotel) listening to music with "the big people."

9:30pm: Return to room and change into jammies and snuggle with Mommy and watch some TV.

10:00pm: Close eyes...drift off to sleep and dream of another perfect day tomorrow.

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