Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day To Me...

So while overall the day was really was...there was just one thing.

See, those of you who know me in person know this about me, but all you internets probably don't. I have a serious phobia. I can't tell you why, or where it originated, but I have a serious phobia...with barf. Now I realize no one really enjoys barf, but I freak out about it. Not on the outside mind you, but inside I obsess...and I freak out...and...well I bet you can guess where this is going.

My son got some sort of stomach flu thing yesterday and barfed all over me, himself and his bed. He was totally freaked out, and even though I think on the outside I handled it perfectly well...I am still obsessing and thinking/worrying about it. He rallied afterwards and I even still hosted the BBQ for everyone at my house. The Boy was a little pale, but played with his cousins and even ate (and kept down) his dinner. He slept through the night last night.

I, however, was up ALL night long. For no good reason. I was half afraid I was going to get sick and half afraid HE was going to get up and get sick again. And in my rational mind, I can say, "So what if that happens?" I mean, it isn't exactly pleasant, but you do a little laundry and you move on. Only I don't. There is something seriously wrong with me. :) And I wonder where my boy gets his OCD tendencies. Or maybe I don't...

Other than that, it was a lovely day. My kids and I lounged around all morning in our jammies watching movies. The barf happened after lunch time and then it was a mad dash to get everything done in time for the arrival of my family. The party/BBQ was great. Everyone had a good time...the food was was all good.

Today The Boy still looked a little pale, and kept complaining of being tired and his stomach being a little upset. But he kept telling me he wanted to go to school. So I took him to school, and right outside the door, he turned white again and told me he couldn't do it. I turned the car around and took him to Gigi's. He is there with her today relaxing and getting his little strength back. So all is well. But I still feel like I survived a car accident, or something totally traumatic happened in my world. I need to get over it. Or perhaps I just need a good night's sleep. :)

How was your Mothers Day?

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