Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well Hello!!

Anyone still there? Crickets? Bueller?

So yeah, as usual, January almost killed me. Seriously. You probably saw bits and pieces of it through the little snippets I put on the blog, is just no way to explain it. I'm going to moan and vent for a few sentences and then I swear I will be done. Being a single parent is tough. I don't think anyone questions that. But being a single parent to two small children, when BOTH of them are sick, when my only help is sucking up cocktails in tropical Hawaii, and when there is absolutely NO down time for the Mommy AT ALL, is just a killer. And when I say "no down time," I really mean it. I can say with my hand to my heart, complete and total honesty, that I have not sat on my couch for a month. I have not turned on my TV and sat down with my feet up to watch a program for over a month. Have I seen TV? Yes, I have. But it was on in the background while I sat at my desk in front of my computer. Or while I folded laundry. Or while I fixed dinner for the kids. And I have seen A LOT of PBS. More than I ever wanted to. But on the flip side, there is a new show called "Wild Kratts" that makes The Boy's heart go pitter patter so that has been a bonus. But all joking aside, I need to find a better solution next year. Every person needs some down time. Even if it's just half an hour a day. It's needed. And I didn't get it. And I'm still a bit pouty about that (can you tell?) and I am still recovering a little bit, BUT I am here. And I lived. And there were times over the past month that I didn't think that would be the case.

Okay rant over. I feel so out of touch with everyone. There are so many posts floating around in my head. I really want to do a post on the trials and tribulations of trying to get my son into a decent kindergarten without having to suck the bank account dry. I could fill up an entire page on the crazy hysterical thing my daughter says everyday. She's seriously funny. And at 21 months she honestly speaks like a 10 year old. It astounds me on a daily basis. And believe me when I tell you that I am not trying to be that braggy "my child is so advanced" mom. Because I am quite sure that most girls at 21 months speak like my daughter. But remember where I come from. I still, to this very day, shell out $66 a week for my son to go to speech therapy and he's 5. At age two he still hadn't put two words together. The other day my daughter was waiting to get some food at our favorite restaurant where we know the server pretty well. She said, "Mommy, I want Keisha hurry up and bring me my french fries and ketchup." That's 14 words. Crazy insane. She also says things like, "Mommy...come here..." (I was in the middle of something and ignored her...) "MOMMY!!! Come HERE!!" I replied, "[Girl], I can't right now. Give me a minute." She yells back, "But you HAVE to!" What?!?! Where the hell did she get that? I have to!?!? What the hell? Anyway, I could go on all night but I'll just leave it at she amuses the hell out of me with an insane vocabulary.

And because January work, and sick kids, and a blown up sink (which is now fixed thank God!) isn't beloved iMac went wonky on me. And here is where I sing the praises of Mac's versus PC's. It was totally my fault. I was syncing my iPhone when the children started doing something so unbelievably cute that I couldn't possibly miss it. So I slid the little bar on my iphone to cancel the sync and clicked on the eject button on iTunes and then disconnected. In case you are considering doing this? Let me save you A LOT of time. DON'T. Seriously. Don't. Everything went to hell. But. BUT here is where it gets good. Of course from that moment on my iPhone wouldn't sync at all and every time I opened iPhoto or iTunes (the two main programs I use), I would get the evil rainbow roller ball from hell. Bad things were happening. Now if this happened to my PC, I would have NO clue what to do. I am not very "tech savvy" so I would have had to call someone and pay someone to come out and look and blah, blah, blah. But since it is a Mac, I made an appointment at my local little Apple store with an apple genius and just got back with a full understanding on what happened. I corrupted one of the pictures and it basically made everything go screwy. Long story but the moral is: I got it fixed, it was completely free, and while I was with the apple genius guy he taught me a ton of new little things to do on my computer that will save me mass quantities of time in the future. Did I mention it was FREE? Love my Mac. It's true when they say you go Mac, you don't go back.

Can you tell that I have a thousand little stories to tell you all and I feel like I have been gone forever so I just want to type and type and type and make me feel like I am a living, breathing human being. But I won't. January is done. And while I am not completely caught up I am close enough that I can see the surface. So hopefully my posts will pick up again.

So what have I missed? What's been going on with all of you?!?! :)


Carey said...

I love my mac :) And thanks for the tip about not ejecting during a sync! And I hope Feb brings you some much needed down time!!!

Laraf123 said...

Your girl is amazing! My 23 month old puts 2 words together but just barely. On the other hand, soon to be 4 year old never stops talking. Ever. Been home with him 3 days because of the snow. He won't watch Wild Kratts. Just wants to talk. And talk.
Hope you get some down time (without PBSKids) soon!

Calliope said...

So glad for an update from you! AND that you survives your January- oooph!

W doesn't have that many words but he will fall in LOVE with a word or phrase and use it alllll the time. Right now it is "go go go go go" from the Cat in the Hat. So he says this when he wants out of his crib, when he is done with supper, when he wants to leave the house....but if he said a sentence I would be SO excited!!

and phew on the mac!