Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Here...

My computer is still hanging in there. Although in some of my attempts to back everything up, I ended up screwing everything up. Namely my pictures and my iPhoto program. It took quite a while to get it all back (and there is still some wonky stuff going on...) but I am happy to say that I did NOT lose three years worth of pictures. Whew.

Still need a new hard drive. I have it purchased and am now trying to figure out the logistics of getting it installed and whether I will have to re-load everything on there from backups, or if I want to copy all the data and put it back onto the new drive (thus bringing whatever bad things with it), and basically how I am going to make it all happen. But hopefully it will happen in the near future and all this computer nonsense will be a distant memory.

But the main reason for my blog silence is because I got really sick. Like sicker than I have been in...perhaps ever. As I wrote about before, I worked my literal ass off in the month of January. And in doing that I allowed my body to get more run down than ever before. So when my daughter brought home what (for her) was just a simple chest cold, I wasn't surprised when I felt myself getting it. Not surprised at all. And when it was taking a little while to shake it and when I noticed myself feeling sicker and sicker rather than better and better, I wasn't all that shocked about that either. So on Valentine's Day, when I finally decided to go to the doctor I expected she would just say, "Yeah, you're's no wonder it's taking a while to work this out of your system." That's not what she said.

Instead she told me about all the fluid behind my ears and in my sinuses (huh? I thought this was just in my chest...), and when she got to the part where she listened to my lungs she visibly groaned and sat down and said, "okay this is bad." Apparently if I had waited a few more days she would have been checking me into the hospital. I had severe asthmatic bronchitis/pneumonia. I needed several steroid breathing treatments and a course of antibiotics so fierce that it was recommended I not drive. I was forced to take a couple of days off of work (something I have not done because of sickness in as long as I can remember) and the simple act of breathing was enough to exhaust me for hours.

So as of now, I am done with the steroid breathing treatments and am now just to use a regular inhaler...the MAJOR antibiotics are done and I am just on a regular, secondary course of them now. And I am starting to feel a little bit better. In the past when I have been sick I usually get on antibiotics and start to feel better within a couple of days so I was down right pissed when that didn't happen this time. But apparently that's simply because I was so sick this particular time. Either way, I have turned the corner and am finally starting to feel more normal. I can take a deep breath without losing a lung, I can laugh sometimes without is returning to normal.

So lesson learned. Must make different plans for January next year. It literally tried to kill me this year. Damn that January.

Kids are good...still sick with the regular winter crap. I remember with The Boy that the year between one and two he was sick ALL.THE.TIME. It appears The Girl is following along in that vein. She is a trooper, but she has been sick for months. Seriously months. Sometimes it is worse than others, but she has had a runny nose and a cough for as long as I can remember. Poor little sweetie. But she's tough. She has been dealing like a champ. So we are all here...all alive...and hopefully all starting to get better. The Boy has (amazingly) been mostly healthy through it all. Go him!!

What about you all? What's been going on in your world? I have been reading everyone's blogs (I can do that from bed with my google app on my phone) just not writing on my own! Hopefully that will all change very soon.

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