Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think I Can...I Think I Can...

Just a short post to tell/warn you all that REALLY bad things are happening with my iMac right now. Like serious hard drive issues. And a few minutes ago while working on the Windows side (I have to do all my work over there as my work programs don't run on mac) I got the blue screen of death and everything shut down. This combined with weird clicking noises...random halting of all function, and a VERY regular appearance of the beach ball from hell have me more than a little bit worried. I am backing up and backing up my back ups. I have a new hard drive and all sorts of new memory and an appointment to take her to a fancy place that apparently knows all things mac, but I can't help but still be worried. If I disappear from the blog world for a little while, I promise that the kids and I are perfectly fine, but that sadly, my computer probably is not.

Think good thoughts for my good friend iMac. She and I have been through a lot together. The birth of two children to name a couple...and like the Little Engine that could...I am hoping she can as well.

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