Monday, October 6, 2008

The Monday Blues

No, I am not talking about myself today. I am talking about The Boy. Does anyone else out there have a problem when dropping off their kids at daycare/school on Monday mornings? I mean it is totally understandable. I have The Boy with me all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so it is no surprise that he isn't exactly thrilled to be dropped off at school on Monday morning. But man, it's a tough way to start a week.

The Boy and I had a wonderful weekend. He was well behaved so we didn't have any discipline issues and he was happy and great all weekend long. Last night his Grammie and Gramps came over and brought him a fire fighter suit to wear for Halloween (my sister is loaning it to me) and he couldn't have been happier if you bought him a car. I have a picture of him playing in it, but I am not at home so I will upload later. I believe I have talked about this but The Boy's new obsession is fire fighters. Specifically Fireman Sam, but really anything to do with fire trucks to fire fighting in general will work. He wore his boots ALL night and cried when I wouldn't let him wear them to bed. First thing this morning he put those boots right back on and wore them until I made him get dressed for school. It is supposed to be almost 80 degrees today so no boots allowed at school. That was the start of his meltdown. He had to get dressed. I know, I am SUCH a mean Mommy. Then I made him get out of his car to get in my car to go to school. Again, horrific Mommy. Then while getting in said car, he threw a fit because he wanted to do it! "It" being getting into his car seat himself. Of course I have an SUV so he can't really do it without some help. Finally we got into the seat and headed to school. He was okay about 5 minutes into the drive when he started singing his music and pointing out all the garbage trucks and school buses he saw on the way.

Once we get to school though, it was a different story. He cried when I tried to undo his buckles on his car seat. He refused to walk and wanted me to hold him. Also there are 3 different teachers at his school. On Monday mornings his least favorite teacher is the only one there. This doesn't help. She is a lovely lady and a very good teacher, but she's just not very nurturing. And The Boy clearly doesn't like her as much as he liked the other two ladies. So that always starts things off rough. He literally clings to my legs and asks me like five times to give him "big hugs" and then attaches himself to my neck. Also, he is one of the first kids there in the mornings on Mondays so there usually aren't other kids there to distract him. So I end up walking out with the last vision of my boy crying and holding his arms out to me yelling, "Moooommmmyyyy!!!" and as I walk down the driveway to my car I can hear him crying and yelling for me. SO sad. Such a tough way to start the week. I know for a fact that he is fine within 10 minutes of me leaving, but man, it's a tough way to start out the week. Does this happen to anyone else?

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