Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Always a surprise...

So I had my OB appointment yesterday to deal with my...umm...other issues. We will skip right over that because they are NASTY but she said she could do my 12 week appointment then so I could cancel today's appointment. Since we weren't in an ultrasound room I asked her if I was getting a nuchal screening test, and didn't that need an ultrasound? I was told that they contract those tests out to another OB place and that I should have been contacted to make an appointment. Yeah, I haven't been. So she promised me she would fax over the paperwork and they would contact me soon to schedule that appointment. I know the test needs to be done between 12 weeks and 13 weeks, 6 days so there isn't ALL that much time, but whatever.

So since she told me there wouldn't be an ultrasound (how bad does that suck? All pregnant women love the ultrasounds) she would just be checking for the heart beat on the doppler. So she went to town and searched...and searched...and searched some more. I don't think it is necessary to insert that I was getting a little more and more panicky as time ticked by... After 20 minutes she wasn't able to find the heart beat so we ended up going to the next room for an ultrasound after all. The little "cutie" (as she called it...I really need to come up with a nick name for this little one soon...) popped right up on the screen. It wasn't moving but she said it was fine, it was probably resting. I saw the heart beat going and she said it looked great. That was it. No measuring, no nothing. I was able to see two arms, two legs and a spine so I guess that's a good thing. But I can't say as though I left there with any warm fuzzies that my little one is perfect. Although I am sure if she saw anything funky she would have said something. And since I wasn't supposed to have an ultrasound at all, she couldn't spend all sorts of time doing measuring things and giving me that extra love that I was looking for.

On my way home later in the evening I did get a call from the OB office to schedule my nuchal screening test. It is scheduled for Wednesday the 29th of October. I will be 13 weeks, 1 day at that point. So hopefully after that test I will get the reassurance that all is well in baby land. Plus, I have been told that sometimes during that test you can try and get a little sneak peak at the sex of the baby. I am going to try for that but not hold my breath. As cheesy as it sounds, I just want the little bugger to be healthy. :)


cmay said...

Yay on getting to 12 weeks with a happy baby in there. 2 more weeks max, on this nausea/vomiting thing. Hang in there.

eggdance said...

I'm sorry for the scare, but it sounds like everything in there is going well.