Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Milestone!

I tell you all...my boy is on a ROLL!! All of the things he hasn't been able to do for the past few years are coming to him naturally all of a sudden. It's like a switch has been turned on and he has built the confidence and strength to try new things. I am so proud of him I could literally burst.

One of the things asked at his 5 year well check was if he could ride a bike. I had to say no. And honestly, watching all the kids his age graduate to bikes without training wheels was something that pushed me to get him evaluated for OT. We all know by now that I am extremely glad that I did that. Over Christmas I (well Santa actually) bought him a balance bike in the hopes that it would get him started on the path to actually riding a "real" bike. And it did. Even though it was super tiny and way too small for him, he loved that thing. And he rode it and got the confidence that went along with it. In fact, on Sunday of this past weekend when he wanted to go out for a ride and brought out that bike, I couldn't help but chuckle at him. He was SO huge on that thing (and we all know that my boy is a lot of things, but huge is NOT one of them). It was almost embarrassing to have him cruising down my street, all big and long, lanky legs on that teeny, tiny little bike. So I said to him, "Buddy, I think you're about big enough now to try a real bike with pedals. What do you think?" He said, "I'm not sure if I can do it Mommy, but I will try. I will try everyday." And I told him that was all I would ever ask of him. So I told him he would go find him one, and he was all for it.

That was all I needed to hear. We went to the nearby Toy Store and he tried on all the different bikes in all the different sizes. Even though, size wise, he probably needs a size bigger than he chose, he said he was the most comfortable on the smallest bike they had. I was using a gift card to help buy the bike, so as far as I'm concerned, if buying him the smaller one gives him 3 months of confidence building before we have to move up to the next size...it will be money well spent. So out of all of them, he picked out the "Cars" themed bike. (No shocker there). And we went home and tried it out. And he did awesome! I couldn't believe it. Perhaps it's because he almost 5 1/2, but he just sat on it and started riding like he had been doing it for years. He is on his way, my boy. He may do things on his own time schedule, but he IS doing them. Riding a bike is a huge right of passage for kids, and I so didn't want him to miss out on that feeling of getting on your bike, riding away and having that little bit of freedom.
Please excuse the above picture. While he is expertly modeling said new bike, he chose to do it on a night when he had already had his shower and was already in his jammies. So the jammies, the pasty white legs, the socks and shoes (even though it was over 80 degrees out...he didn't want his already clean feet to get dirty in his sandals)...all with the big grin and the helmet. Classic. Damn I just love that kid. :)

And here he is on the same day we got home from the store with his bike. Honestly...this is the very first time he sat on the thing. I think he did awesome. Have I mentioned how happy I am that I sent him to OT? I have? Okay. But just in case... Best damn money I ever spent!!!

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