Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo

So The Girl has a new favorite pastime. I found out about it by accident. I was playing a slide show of pictures for my mom and The Girl came over and asked to sit on her lap. She proceeded to sit and laugh hysterically and point out all the people she knew from the pictures. She loved it! So now...when I need her to be quiet for a few minutes, or I need to clean up the kitchen or something, I just put her highchair, or sit her in my office chair and put a slide show on the iMac. She loves it.

Yesterday I was cleaning the living room and she asked to sit and watch pictures. Sometimes I will put music to the slide show and sometimes I won't. Usually doesn't matter. But yesterday she kept yelling, "SING!" at me when she was watching it. So I changed the settings on the slide show to include music. I was trying to select the "kid music" play list from my iTunes. When I found it, I scrolled down to find a song I knew she liked thinking it would start on that song and then continue on through the play list. Well it didn't scroll. It played the same effing song over and over and over and over... And The Girl couldn't have been happier. So like 20 minutes later, she had learned the song and was attempting to sing it. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I especially like the part where she smacks her hands against the table during "bonk them on the head..." This is probably one of those videos that are only cute to the mom and grandparents, but if you are so inclined...check out my daughter singing her version of Little Bunny Foo Foo.

(and sorry for the crappy editing job on the video...I was editing out the parts where she shouted the names of all the family members that you guys don't know...)


Laraf123 said...

That made me smile at 6 am on a Monday, even though I woke up with a bad cold and haven't had any coffee yet. Thank you!

K said...

I check my reader on my phone most of the time and I kept clicking "keep unread" on this post until I had time to watch it at home, which happened to be tonight. Ummm, totally NOT only cute to the mom and grandparents. That is adorable!! She is one smart cookie.