Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Knew?

So when my mom got home from picking up The Girl from daycare on Thursday she said, "Do you want the good news or the bad news?" Being the pessimist that I am, I said, "Bad news." She said, "[The Girl's] daycare is closed all next week." I said, "Christ! Seriously?!?!? What's the good news?" "The good news is that you don't have to pay for it. You will get a refund..." Great. I would rather pay for it and have daycare...

So what happened is that her daycare was inspected this last week. Now before you get all judgy and assume that her daycare is ridden with rats and cockroaches, let me explain. One of the reasons I picked this daycare is because it is a home Montessori daycare. But unlike other home daycares where there is usually one major room for the daycare, this entire house was dedicated to the daycare. The woman who runs it lives in another house about 5 minutes away, but this particular house is entirely dedicated to the daycare/school. So the "living room" is the play area. She knocked down a wall between two bedrooms and that is the very large classroom. The back rooms of the house are the nap rooms and the art rooms. So there is a lot of area for the kids. I still really like this about it. But the problem? Apparently when a daycare/school is classified as a "home" daycare (something about the zoning being for residential as opposed to commercial etc...) you actually have to live in the house. So the inspector saw no evidence that the owner physically lived in the house. When she asked the owner "Is this your residence?" The owner answered yes because she does actually own the house, so it IS her residence in that way. But she doesn't actually live there. And apparently she has to.

So this weekend she spent the weekend transforming the art room into her "bedroom" and she is going to have to physically sleep there a couple of nights a week in order to get into compliance. Now she handled all of this over the weekend, so why is the daycare closed all next week you might ask? Well, of course, the inspectors can't get back there before that time. And of course the place has been shut down until it "passes" the inspection. So I have no daycare for The Girl this week. Sucks to be me. Actually sucks to be my mom more, because I have a fully booked week, but normally when I have an hour scheduled for lunch, I can actually eat lunch. Now during that hour my mother will be dropping my daughter off to me so she can get a much-needed break in the middle of the day. Of course she deserves that. Totally. No judgement on my fantastic mother, but man...this is going to be a looooooonnnggg week.

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Amy said...

Wow, sounds like a great school!! Lucky you that your mom is able to help! I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your last couple entries. Your kids sound a whole lot like mine. Feel free to check us out at Good luck this week!!