Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Here are The Boy and The Girl this morning on The Boy's first official day of First Grade.  He has apparently come to the age where he refuses to smile and stand nicely for a photo.  So I was going through all the shots I took this morning trying to look for a decent one when I saw the one above.  Now to the naked eye I can tell you that this is a shot of both of my kids doing Ninjago moves.  I told you on my last post that my son is currently obsessed.  Well guess what?  He is about to lose ALL OF THEM.

A little back story.  So all summer long he played with his friends at camp with his Ninjagos.  If you are fortunate enough to NOT know what these evil little toys are, let me tell you that the folks over at Lego are not idiots.  So they are expensive.  They cost a lot of money.  And of course you need ALL of them to play properly (according to The Boy).  So he had quite a collection.  A few weeks into the summer I found out that he had been sneaking them to camp with him and "trading" them with the other campers.  Although half the time he didn't get anything for the trade.  So that no longer is a trade...it's giving your shit away.  Long story short...we had lots of talks and by the end of the summer he only had 3 guys left.  I figured it was a life lesson for him and since I know that his school does NOT allow any toys or anything to come to school I figured...lesson learned.

So yesterday apparently after his half-day of school my mom took him to the mall and they just "happened" to go by the Lego store where they just "happened" to find out that the green Ninja had been released a couple of weeks early.  So my mom bought it for him.  I had a little "chat" with her when they came home about this ("Why the HELL would you buy him more Ninjago's after what happened this summer?  I thought we agreed on the life lesson etc..."  Her answer, "It was his first day of school...and you should have seen his eyes when he saw the green ninja...and he's such a good boy...and now that summer camp is over he won't be trading them..." etc...).  So anyway he ended up with a few new things yesterday AGAINST my will.

When he told me about seeing his friends yesterday he told me that one of his buddies had "snuck" a Ninja into school yesterday.  We had a long talk about this and about what happened at camp, and about how last year he got in trouble for bringing toys to school and he KNOWS that he can't do that...and on and on and on...  So this morning he asked where his backpack was and then told me he was taking it into his room.  I reiterated that if he even THOUGHT about bringing or sneaking something into school that he would lose ALL of his Ninjas.  "No way Mommy...I know the rules...I am not going to do that..."  Many, many conversations about this.  The rule was very clear.

So as I am looking through his "first day of school" pictures right now for one to post on Facebook and to send to the Ex, I look closer at the picture above and see this:

I don't know if you can see in this picture on the internet or not, but that is a god-damned green ninja that he is hiding in his hand in this picture.  That little *&%^$ snuck one to school anyway.  I cannot even tell you how mad I am.  Or how disappointed rather.  He is already at the stage where he is BLATANTLY lying to me?  Really?

So I have cleaned the entire house clear of Ninjago's and when he comes home I will calmly tell him that he has lost all of his Ninjas.  And that I hope it was worth it.  And that we don't LIE to our mother. And we don't blatantly break the rules at school.  And that we need to learn the value of someone giving you a gift.  That is...if I don't kill him first.


mary said...

Your son sounds like a great kid. Life's hard sometimes when you're in first grade. In kindergarten, I sneaked in a stuffed toy down the sleeve of my winter coat! I'm 58 yrs old and still remember it. I can't remember if I got in trouble. And most grandparents spoil kids, it's their job. We always new our grandmother was more of a softy than our mom, but that mom was in charge! It all balances out. Good plan for teaching moral behavior, but make it a time limited punishment. When he's paroled he'll get the ninjas back. :)

Laraf123 said...

You could be on Law & Order! I completely relate to this post. I really should blog about my son's Lego infraction this summer. I still believe that was the maddest I have ever been at him. Long story short, he lost every one of his Lego kits. (And they are more dear to him than his own toes.)

Whatever happens you have my support. We moms of the obsessed must stick together.

For the Long Haul said...

Just an update for those who commented. He DID get busted by the teacher (embarrassing for all of us), and we had a long talk about it last night. He lost ALL of his Ninjagos for a week and his TV shows for that one night. Talked about the importance of not lying, following rules...blah, blah, blah. But as of this morning? All is good. He understands, I am not mad at him. Very matter of fact about his repercussions and he seems to get that.

Anonymous said...

Ugh - frustrating the lesson wasn't quite learned. But! You are so awesome for seeing that! Also, every time I read nijajo in this post I thought of the song from the Bare Naked Laidies' kids record 'snacktime'. There's a song about ninjas and how silent they are (also, how if you take off their masks they are smiling). Well, there's your useless tidbit for the day!