Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Peanut!

My baby is three.

I will spare all of us the "how did that happen?" questions, but man, time sure does fly.  We all know I haven't been the best at updating this blog lately, but I can't ignore her birthday.  So much has been changing with her lately.

You may remember several months ago when I was blogging about her staying in her bed...and her horrendous tantrums (did I even blog about that?  I might have been too traumatized to put it down on paper...), and her overall unpleasantness...  However I am happy to say that for the past few months she has been down right lovely.  I am SO enjoying her lately.  She is freaking hysterical and she is such an amazing little girl that I am constantly laughing and loving her.

So...when I blogged about potty training I told you all that when she went on spring break, that was going to be it.  Hard core potty training...  Spring break was this week.  And she rocked it.  Starting last Saturday morning we drew the line.  All undies all the time (except for night time and rest time).  She was on board from the beginning.  And I am so happy to say that we are 90% there.  She is good with pee pees all the time.  Has had only one pee accident since we started and that was I think on Sunday.  Since then she has not only peed consistently all the time in the potty at home, but she has also successfully gone pee at the mall, at the grocery store, and at several of my clients this week.  So she's got it.  She even told me she had to go when coming home from somewhere in the car earlier and I told her she had to hold it until we got home and she did!  Poop on the other hand...  I would say we do about 1 in 4 poops in the potty.  The good news is that she DOES go in the potty.  She has done I think 3 successful poops in the potty.  But the rest?  In her undies.  So we are still a work in progress on that one, but we aren't going back.  I cancelled my diaper service and I took the changing table out of her room.  We are done.

And then last night, out of the blue, when it was bed time she opened the drawer to get a binky and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, do big girls use Binky's?"  I told her that they didn't.  She said, "Well then I don't need them either.  Let's throw them away!"  And she took all of her binkys out of the drawer and walked to the garbage can and threw them out.  Then she proceeded to go lay down and go to sleep.  Just that easy.  Who knew?

She is just getting SO big.  She gets herself dressed every day.  She picks out her own outfits.  When shopping she chooses what she will wear.  She wants to do it ALL herself.  Everything.  She doesn't seem to think she needs me for anything anymore.  But I am so proud of her.  Her brother would STILL prefer that I do everything for him, but her?  No.  She's completely self sufficient.  Or at least she would like to be.

She knows all her letters and all of her numbers.  She can color in the lines.  Because she has an older brother she is SO much more advanced than he ever was.  And in terms of speaking?  She can literally have a discussion with you about current events.  She can explain to me how she's feeling, why she is feeling that way, and explain to me why what I am doing is probably wrong.

Some of her favorite things right now:  Her brother.  They play together SO well and for hours on end. She adores her brother and he is her favorite person to play with.  And based on that, most of her other favorite things aren't the typical 3 year old girl faves.  She loves all things Super Heros.  She loves to play pretend ("Mommy, you are black Spiderman, and I am red Spiderman, and brother is Doc Ock...").  I am constantly having to ask her, "Who are you right now?"  And she will answer me with a "I'm a doggie...I'm a monster...I'm a T-Rex..."  All about playing pretend right now.  She still loves to draw and wants to do it constantly.  She's really big into reading books right now as well.  Mostly her brother's super hero books, but it doesn't really matter.  She still eats like a horse (god love her for that). In fact I started to list all her favorite foods, but there are far too many.  She still eats great.

She is still at her home Montessori daycare, but she knows that come summer time, she is going to go to "Brother's old school."  Also a Montessori, this is actually a real pre-school instead of a home daycare so it's a big step up from where she's been going since she was 3 months old.  She is SUPER excited to get there.  Everyday I hear, "Mommy are we going to my NEW school today?"  I haven't done her 3 year old well-baby check yet, so I don't know how tall or heavy she is, but she seems pretty average.  For the summer coming up, I bought her size 3T in pants and/or shorts, and 4T in shirts.  She wears a size 7 shoe (oh!  And she LOVES shoes...definitely gets that from her Gigi).

I could go on and on about her, but I must get to work.  I tried to upload some pictures of her from this morning in her "It's My Birthday" t-shirt but my iPhoto apparently doesn't like my camera right now.  *sigh*  So you'll have to make do with some pictures from Easter.  As you can see, potty training didn't stop for Easter!

Happy Birthday my baby girl.  I love you  more than I could ever express.  You are truly my sunshine.


Laraf123 said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little (big) girl! These are sweet times--Enjoy!

K said...

Happy Birthday to The Girl! Love the pics. (And I am super-jealous of your potty training success. E throws a fit anytime we mention the very idea of it. Ugh.)